May 7, 2009

Why Baseball is not a sport

This is the link for a highschool ballplayer who hurt himself running into a fence....

-Case point is that if you don't sweat while playing your sport it isn't a sport

-If  you can wear shades while playing your sport it isn't a sport

-If you can sit in the shade for 45% of the game it isn't a sport

-If you can chew bubble gum during the game (or tobbacca or any other substance) it isn't a sport

-If you can read that damn copy of popular science you got last week but haven't had a chance to read it while your teamate is at bat it isn't a sport


  1. if you can take excessive amounts of steroids only to have people praise you for most home runs, it isnt a sport.

  2. -If commentators have to spend 95% of the time talking about something else other than what is actually going on on the field, it isn't a sport.

  3. if the most excercise you get is running to and from the dugout during inbetween isn't a sport.